Dr Sian Hodgkinson was born and educated in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. 

Having completed her Advanced level subjects at school a year early, she went on to spend this additional year working with an aid organisation in Bogota, South America.

This confronting work involved providing aid to street children as well as building a new shelter and orphanage.

As a young adult, this formative time spent away in a developing country became the inspiration for her to extend the caring nature of her work. She went on to study nursing in Sheffield, UK, achieving her diploma in nursing in 1994.

Having spent time with patients on the hospital wards and starting to understand the frailty and complexity of the human body, she had become aware of her increasing interest in medicine.


She worked as a nurse whilst studying for her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Sheffield, where she graduated in 2000. 

She completed her post-graduate training in General Practice and became a Member of the Royal Society for General Practitioners in 2005.

She also completed qualifications in minor surgery, family planning, obstetrics and gynaecology.